Daphne Rosen

Mar 21, 2008 - and

Daphne Rosen's a hot MILF with huge 34-G tits. She was a little uneasy about not being in control but once Daphne's helplessly bound and punished, she becomes very obedient. She experiences getting fuck in tight bondage for the first time and learns to find pleasure in her submission.

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Mar 21, 2008 Great pics. Haven't had time to view videos. Can't wait. Love the positions. Would love to find myself in many of them. whiskeyslilslut Great! (5)
Mar 21, 2008 Well she's very attractive if not a bit overwhelming if I might say. She isn't into being a submissive and that was obvious, but I did enjoy. Lifescab Good (4)
Mar 21, 2008 I love Daphne. Not only her tits are huge and nice, but she's wonderful. I would love to see her more. She was in my favorite positions. The only thing that would've made it perfect is if she didn't had her tits tied. I wanted to see em all over the place. Geesus Great! (5)
Mar 21, 2008 move out of the way dude? my turn to fuck her hardmarriedc Great! (5)
Mar 21, 2008 The BEST one ever!!!! It's marvelous to see a more mature woman on your site. Keep it up! You guys are the best! Guy guywilliams Great! (5)
Mar 21, 2008 I loved it. The only problem is no audio on the 2nd scene. From her responses I thing she would also make a great candidate for the Training of O site. Sparkster Great! (5)
Mar 21, 2008 mighty big mamarries there... must say would prefer them to be 'free' not bound... but would like to see a few cane strokes applied to her nipples before she's fukt in her ass... maybe you will send her over to the 'O' training site for that? Sirstefan Great! (5)
Mar 21, 2008 The BEST one ever!!!! It's marvelous to see a more mature woman on your site. Keep it up! You guys are the best! Guy guywilliams Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 I loved this scene. I saw Daphne crying a little bit when T.J. was pouringt the wax on her. I was definately a fan of that. I LOVE T.J. Great shoot! greeneyedally Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 Daphne is hot. And she's such a trooper when it comes being dominated great performance! Sexmagician00 Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 Sorry folks - not mine. hotte35 Fair (3)
Mar 22, 2008 love the new faces, keep it up! redsdm Good (4)
Mar 22, 2008 In addition to what Sparkster said about the audio (on the HD version), the "Most Compatible" version contains over a minute's worth of extra footage for Scene 2 when compared against "Windows HD". The HD version stops before Daphne gives TJ head again. The Most Compatible version contains the entire movie. You should replace Scene 2 of the HD version, including the HD zip file. lowlander Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 Fantastic, especially the candle wax. Daphnes whimperings really did it for me. rayban100 Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 Now we are picking up speed arent we? This is great and here boobs are, well BIG! heavylove Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 daphnene is awesome...cover her in oil and she would look even better! slap3333 Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 Love this one.She reminds me of this girl that works with me that looks like her (well not that busty but definetely same ass) Liked how she got screwd by TJ and how he treat her. Would love to see her back. Footix Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 I absolutely LOVE TJ!!!!!!!!!! Summer4204 Great! (5)
Mar 22, 2008 felicidades Daphne Rosen felicidades perfecta jlg Great! (5)
Mar 23, 2008 Very very nice, possibly best gagged sex on your site, nice to see FINALLY getting the gag right, leaving the gag in until the very end. THANK you! Excellent wax work, beautiful girl. But why is there no sound in Video 02? Minus points for no audio. Daphne needs more work on submission. (Please give it to her and let us watch!) Bugsi01 Good (4)
Mar 23, 2008 Woooow. This is far most one of te most sexiest woman you had. I hope you have her more. Shamal Great! (5)
Mar 23, 2008 I would love to see that woman here again, soon. Her body make it worth it and I can imagine several of kinks bondage stuff that would be great on her. Like a metall cage I saw on another page. heavylove Great! (5)
Mar 23, 2008 Sorry folks, not your best work. Sub didn't seem submissive enough, Dom wasn't forceful enough. Just seemed to lack good chemistry to me. Would like to see Daphine back, not so sure about TJ Cummings though. anikan22 Poor (1)
Mar 23, 2008 TJ you are amazing...I would be the best sub you have ever seen. I want to have my mouth fucked and then some anal. This was good, but I must give the credit to you Sir TJ. Charbar69 Good (4)
Mar 24, 2008 The audio problem for Clip 02 has been fixed. Enjoy! marty Great! (5)
Mar 24, 2008 I guess I'll be the minority here, but I didn't like Daphne, or her attitude. For a Domme who likes to dish it out, she sure didn't seem to have any tolerance for what she dishes out. She obviously didn't want to be there in the role of a "sub", so why bother...? Talk about "topping" from the "bottome"... that sure is what she was doing... in spades...! I like TJ, but Daphne sure had him buffaloed... and what he could do was obviously restricted by the Domme... who managed him so well. Poor...! Worst I've ever seen...!!!!! IBindem Poor (1)
Mar 25, 2008 wasn't the best , cause she isn't the great sub, as others.. but the great tits made it worth the view for me. unlike some others, I like the boobs tied up !! She can't take much as a sub though dougieG Fair (3)
Mar 27, 2008 Am I the only one that doesn't like fake tits? kadjar Below average (2)
Mar 28, 2008 She wasn't the greatest sub I've seen on here but anything with TJ in is great - if only guys in the UK were as hot... fleecicle Fair (3)
Mar 28, 2008 Daphne is just beautiful; thanks for sharing yourself with us! Love the vantage point where we see you tied and fucked doggie style. Fantastic. Yum. Wow. - Thanks ddonatello10 Great! (5)
Mar 28, 2008 TJ is the best there's no doubt about it. How we'd love to hear him call us a 'good girl'!! JoSephMary Great! (5)
Apr 1, 2008 TJ did the best domming I've seen. Lots of communication, lots of instruction, showing lust, great sexuality throughout. All his instruction and rewards were perfect. Thanks for the full view shots showing all of him also and of having scenes where the sub was only bound by the arms. I've been waiting for that. I thought she was great as a sub. I didn't like her attitude in the post interview, but during the shoot she was very good. One different scene I really liked was when the dom gave instruction for the sub to bark in between the blow job. I didn't like the barking, but I liked that type of instruction. And when he instructed her to beg or say things that he liked to hear is always good and a turn on. Thank you TJ!! CJP Great! (5)
Apr 5, 2008 i loved this...i told my Dom i didnt like porn and he showed me this site and i had to see this movie so got a subscription and now i'm hooked! dianddra Great! (5)
Apr 7, 2008 I absolutly adore a voluptious feminine model! She is amazing!! mspike11 Great! (5)
Apr 10, 2008 Both are excellant models and was a great scene to watch. Phalus Great! (5)
Apr 10, 2008 Daphne's breasts are not fakes kadjar . My subs tits are like these and are 100% mother natures. TJ is the best Dom I have seen in in action in ages and has an on screen aura that reminds me of Joe Delasandro in the Andy Wharhol films. Phalus Great! (5)
May 1, 2008 come on guys with a great butt hole like that screw it man,whats wrong with u dudes can u not see what a great ass is set forth redo the take shrektrucker Great! (5)
Jun 5, 2008 im with you guy williams more mature women icebear Great! (5)
Jun 29, 2008 i dont like ... if in this clip MARK DAVIS will be perform then its fantastic coz this guy TJ CUMMING he dont know how to perform exactly submission12 Poor (1)
Jun 29, 2008 next time i hope MARK DAVIS Will be perform with DAPHEN that will be great submission12 Poor (1)
Jul 13, 2008 cant wait for download to finish... and thx quick servers thats gonna be soon molli99oott Great! (5)
Sep 20, 2008 hot cancel Great! (5)
Oct 1, 2008 Une bonne chienne à gros seins ! Elle mérite un bon coup cette salope ! spadspad Great! (5)
Oct 8, 2008 i wish i could do that to her too Amintk Great! (5)
Dec 20, 2008 smelling Sarcon61 Great! (5)
May 24, 2009 mmmm, wow. I've seen these videos several times and I love how TJ treats his subs!! The seductive whispers and tip of his cock just in.... now that's cruel! Love the rewards though....the deep kisses and that he actually makes some noise to show how much he loves his little pet. Yes, I'm a chick so I was watching him more but Daphne was beautiful and a strong trooper. They were a nice match. Very hot! shayray Great! (5)
Jun 17, 2009 TJ is always great. I have seen him on other sites too. He has the best body in any of the MANY shoots that I have seen. I wish TJ would "model" on Kink again and again!! Unfortunately Daphne is not the best model for this. I don't understand why she even did this shoot. Because of Daphne there was no chemistry. If you look at the end when TJ was asking Daphne questions, she sat with her arms folded to keep TJ away. I am only rating this GREAT because of TJ! bonnard Great! (5)
Aug 20, 2009 favoloso, e dir poco, quelle carni bianche da amare e possedere.. bonazze Great! (5)
Sep 16, 2009 I'd like to see more doggie style, or hair pulling, something along those lines. If you have a body like that in bondage, you should easily tear it up TitTastic07 Fair (3)
Dec 22, 2009 loving Daphne in this situation, yet another amazing video RoryMo Great! (5)
Dec 28, 2009 First time seeing T.J. He is quite soft spoken, and I find that to be a turn on. He isn't like the other Doms, it's a nice change. Don't get me wrong. Mark, Steve and the others are very good as well. Daphne didn't seem to be in the mood for what was happening to her. Are her boobs real? Good to see you come out and play with T.J. Daphne, so that you could find out what it's like on the subs end. skyviking54 Good (4)
Mar 18, 2010 With Daphne is should be great, but quit the wax treatments. Do you really think wax makes a lady's skin look sexy? cwmxxx123 Good (4)
Apr 15, 2010 I really like TJ. But I can't stand fake tits, I like to watch the way breasts move when hit. jess21sweethart Fair (3)
Oct 5, 2010 great body nice tit and excellent ass love to see more of her zeroconsecuence Great! (5)
Dec 28, 2010 what a body! demands atention... good to see it getting it. lovely Daphne! freeborn2 Great! (5)
Jul 4, 2011 I would like to see more of Her!!! somethingnew22 Great! (5)
Jan 27, 2013 approved louissyfer Great! (5)
Oct 14, 2013 id love to fuck her contact me. i will hit all three holes hardmarriedc Great! (5)
Dec 29, 2013 Daphne Rosen is amazing! And she has some of the biggest boobs I've ever seen! I love her squealing as well! Great shoot! gt06789 Great! (5)
Aug 24, 2014 Beautiful Big Woman Daphne Rosen zzaa55 Great! (5)
Jul 31, 2015 i like this movie, and the way that Daphne Rosen is clothed. Daphne Rosen looks very sexy in her unbutonned cardigan and skirt, and she's also a good performer when she looks scared and ashamed. I would like to see this style of clothes again (cardigan or satin blouse), but with stocking and garter belt, and high heels... But the main idea is that this movie is good. 2yayaya2 -
Mar 12, 2016 Love how she handles riding the dom while completely tied up. She makes the sexiest little gasp when getting fucked. aelitalyoko Great! (5)
Jul 26, 2016 Loved Daphne's sexy hiccup moan thing she's got going on. Wish they used someone with more natural breasts than fake. Though I can't see this video writing as well with shaker ones. Still worth the watch and very sexy positions. aelitalyoko Great! (5)
Dec 2, 2016 Average sex but good breast bondage. jacobjoseph Good (4)